Monday, June 2, 2008

Marriage retreat

We are going on the Weekend To Remember retreat this weekend! I am actually so excited. We weren't planning on going, then it all just sort of worked out. Damon really wanted to spend one night at the hotel - our first night ever away from the kids - and my mom agreed to come spend the night. I'm a little nervous about that, but I think it will all be ok. So I am focusing on the marriage area of life this week in preparation. It's so easy to push that to the side when life gets busy, but it has been fun to put it to the forefront. I'm thinking champagne, music, candles, and I even had an appointment that included hot wax (ouch). Of course, this is totally breaking the budget and isn't the most responsible use of money right now. That said, I am glad we are doing it! Need to do a little more Flying, but the basics are getting done and it is a lot better than it was, and I think progress begets more progress. My main nemesis right now is the office and dealing with paperwork, and once I conquer that foe I think I'll really feel like things are coming together. It's funny to think that when my mom was mom age she had a 16 year old and seemed so middle-aged! I feel like by my age I should have already arrived somewhere further ahead then I am, but I guess I am a late bloomer! Oh, and a praise is that Ben didn't have one bad diaper at all today, so I think he is finally getting better! What a relief. I'm about to put 40 minutes into going through paperwork, partly because when my mom is here she'll probably snoop : )


Anonymous said...

You guys will be blessed for the sacrifices that you make for your marriage. Leaving the kids, spending a little extra money - God will bless this time together. (And I bet they'll give you great tips, too, maybe some that won't break the bank :) )

Have a great time! Shelby's still got a nasty cough but we'll set up a playdate soon, okay?

Have fun!

Sarah said...

You will have so much fun! Damon and I (that sounds weird) have gone twice now, and would do it again if we could. Your kids will be fine, God will prtect them. We left Chloe when she was under a year and she did fine. GO, Enjoy the time God provided and have fun. They even have you go out on a "date" night. Thats fun too! Make the most of it!

Oliphint- said...

YES! Go and have a great time! God will use this precious time!

Erica said...

You will love it. Some of the best advice we were ever given was that your marriage is an investment. This means you may have to put some money into it but the return is always worth it.

Don't worry about the kids and have the time of your lives!

God's Girl said...

O.K. So how was it? Did you enjoy the conference? Did they give you practical advice?

Todd and I went years ago and back then (way, way back then) it was really good.

Keep me posted. K