Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Areas of Life

There are different ideas on what the main areas of life are. I looked at different resources and then chose my list that I created on the right. Interestingly enough, no list that I found on the internet mentioned "home" as an area of life. I think men created these lists! To me, the concept of creating a home is an area of life for women. I think of creating a home as creating an environment that is welcoming and nurturing, whether it is in a tent or a castle. Making good meals, reading to the children in a comfy corner, these things to me are part of making a home. Also in that for me is creating peace and order in my home to free me up for the other areas of life. I saw one list that included creativity and I really liked that. I thought of all of you and your talents and thought how neat of God to put in us this desire to create. For me my creative outlet right now is cooking, and to have fun with that means order in the kitchen. And time to watch my favorite show - Top Chef! I'm obsessed. Now FLYers we are in the Master Bedroom zone right now. Are you FLYing? I'm doing a little bit, but the main task in there is to organize the storage under my bed and I think I'm waiting until next month. Baby steps, ya know? I've been a little lazy today, but I did a "swish and swipe" in the guest bath and did my meal planning for the week, grocery list and did my coupons. Also, FYI, if you have extra $$$ set aside the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for women and kids starts today and there are some good deals. I am saving up for the July anniversary sale. I have decided to stop buying cheap stuff that lasts for one washing and just buy good stuff when it is cheap. Monica has a good post on what I call "having the wants" that reminded me not to dwell on what I want (and can't have right now) but to be so thankful for what I have. Thanks Monica for the exhortation!

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Anonymous said...

I am all for buying the good stuff when it's cheap - woohoo!!!! stuff is SO my weakness, too! I collect measuring cups (12+), spatulas (10+) and wooden spoons (6?).I think I am finally doing better with buying stuff for the kitchen. Either that, or I've just bought everything. He he...just kidding. I am trying to remember to focus on my needs and God satisfying me for the wants. (It's fun to get a "want" blessing, though!)

And your cooking, by the way, is Wonderful!

See ya tomorrow!