Sunday, May 18, 2008

Slow and Steady

Today is the first day of the long process of creating more order in my life.  Funny thing is my parents are very orderly, but somehow I didn't learn it from them.  My days of looking for my keys for an hour or for one lost shoe (that somehow ends up in some inexplicable place like the pantry) are soon going to come to an end.  My resources are going to be websites like, books I can get from the library (as part of getting my financial act together), and you my friends.  

Yesterday good progress was made on cleaning the garage, however it did produce a nasty argument!  I guess getting my act together should also include being nicer to my husband!  

Today's goals are getting the crib out of Aaron's room and the twin bed in, plus the daily stuff of keeping the kitchen and family room clean.  For my financial health I'll look at the bills, and for physical health I will go on the treadmill for 1.25 miles.  

If you are reading, please post your goals and let's keep each other accountable to do it!  Your home may be immaculate, so maybe it is spending time with the spouse or looking at investing for the future.  Or, you may be like me with a house that is fairly clean but not organized and that is stifling your life.  
If you really have your act together, what works for you?


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness you are too funny. I am going to post on my blog instead of leaving a HUGE comment for you. Missed you today!

Barbara said...

Damon finally got the bug we've had, and Ben was still having ummm . . . . shall we say intestinal troubles . . . so I stayed home.

Erica said...

I hope you all feel better soon!

Oh and I LOVE flylady!!