Monday, May 19, 2008

Day two

Hits and misses yesterday. We did get the crib out of Aaron's room and the new bed in. All without a lot of nagging, so I guess I was a little bit nicer wife yesterday! Didn't run on the treadmill because my stomach still felt a little weird, but then it felt better and I made (and ate) chocolate chip cookies. That would be a miss only because I had already had In -n- Out Burger for lunch! Ben stayed up super late not feeling great so I missed my opportunity to get on the computer and go over the bills, so that gets transferred to today. It felt great to be able to walk around the van in the clean garage, and that is motivating to keep up the progress! Today's goal: go over the bills, get on the treadmill, start my CouponSense system. To show how hopeless I am, I signed up with CouponSense a couple of months ago and have been paying the subscription fee plus my Arizona Republic fee, but I still haven't set up my system and started using it. Today is the day! I need to get a handle on grocery bills and I know that CouponSense is a great program, so time to put words into action. Costs of disorganization are high. Tomorrow I have to drive to Paradise Valley Mall to meet my mom to pick up a baby monitor that I forgot while out in Chandler visiting. Between gas and time, that is a big waste. If you spend 5 minutes of every hour of an 8 hour day looking for things (e.g. pacifiers, keys, a pen, etc) that adds up to over 4 weeks per year (166 hours). I want my four weeks back!


Anonymous said...

Hey - I know Elissa is big on Coupon Sense, if you have any questions, she loves to share about it.

Yay! for all of the victories so far and to come, also. You can do it!

Sissy 23 said...

Elissa too? My mom is obsessed. It must be popular. Some times I get to pull the inserts out of the paper that's my favorite part.

Have a nice night everybody!
Sissy 23