Friday, May 23, 2008

Baby steps

I am having a hard time doing the Fly Lady baby steps. I need to set up my control journal, and I find myself skipping ahead because I want to do more. I know I need to trust that the plan works and do it correctly instead of blowing off the key principles and trying to make it work in a hodge podge way. I think that is a pattern in my life: I am turned off my long processes so I abbreviate them to work for me, but I end up missing out on key elements because of that. I put on my blog slow and steady, and I do believe that slow and steady is truly a key to lasting change.

I learned how to run a few months ago using that process - slow and steady progress. I hated to run and couldn't run, but by very gradually increasing my running I can easily run a mile now. Trust me when I say that I never thought that was possible. I think with the running I was willing to do the slow and steady process because it was so clear there was no other way. I couldn't just jump up and run even a quarter of a mile, so there was no way around the process. I need to apply that to organization because otherwise it is just too discouraging. I know that at some point the routines will be easy, even though know it seems like a huge task. So for today, I am going to set up my control journal just doing step one .

By the way, Damon admitted after seeing the boys' new shoes that Crocs look really comfy and he wanted some for around the house, so I picked some up for his birthday today. Feel free to make fun of him if you see him!

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Meli_Mama said...

I agree, slow and steady. That's what I'm trying to do! We can cheer each other on.